Research Work NGOs and Charities

Below is a list of NGOs, charities and non-profits working on research work. These Ngos have experts and think tanks who specialize in carrying out surveys and research work, which are in turn used for policy making by local and international organizations.. Total Results = 153

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The Cancer Research Society is a pan-Canadian not-for-profit organization. Their mission is to fund research on all forms of cancer with the aim of preventing, detecting, and treating cancer.
Inspired by Terry's bravery and fight, they work with people all over the world to raise money and awareness for courageous, ground-breaking research to put an end to cancer.
Indus Hospital is the one of the largest NGO in Karachi. It provides free healthcare in Pakistan. Their networks are hospitals, primary care program, blood transfusion services, pediatric oncology services, physical rehabilitation center, education.
Their mission is to increase the amount and impact of philanthropy for social development in Pakistan. They work to strengthen the nonprofits and foundations. PCP is an independent not for profit government support organization, established in 2001.
RDF is working in the rural and semi rural areas in Sindh. Their mission is development of marginalized and poor groups. RDF working on the sector of education & learning, water and energy, health, nutrition and sanitation and disaster risk managment.