List of International Development Aid Agencies

International Development Aid Agencies

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The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) is the main organisation that accomplishes Spanish Cooperation, loyal to the fight against want and to tenable human incident.
Their staff are working on more than 4,200 projects that are making a significant difference in 150 different countries and French overseas departments in the areas of peace, climate change, health, and education.
Australian Aid is the brand name used to identify projects in developing countries supported by the Australian Government. As of 2014 DFAT has been responsible for Australia’s official development assistance (foreign aid) to developing countries.
Fighting poverty, encouraging peace, and safeguarding the environment are the main focuses of the (ADA). Right now, ADA is giving money, about 570 million euros, to projects and programs that aim to make life better in countries that are still developing.
DANIDA Denmark aims to fight poverty by promoting human rights and supporting economic growth in developing countries around the world.
Their primary goals are to advance international sustainable development and the policy agendas of Belgian governmental cooperation.