List of NGOs in Afghanistan

Below is a list of Non-profits, Charities and NGOs working in Afghanistan. You can browse all major, active Afghanistan NGOs and view details of their work focus. Total Results = 68

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Care is one of the top international NGOs in Afghanistan. CARE first established its mission in Afghanistan in 1961 but suspended activities after the Russian invasion of 1979. Resuming activities in 1989 from a new base. CARE fights global poverty.
HI is an international NGO in Afghanistan aspiring to a world of solidarity and inclusion. HI has been active in Afghanistan since 1987. HI constructed a rehabilitation center in Kandahar for people with disabilities, including landmine victims.
Dynamic Vision is a community development NGO in Kabul. Working for renewable energy, power, planning, consulting, architecture, water, mining, environmental management, integrated offerings, engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance.
Concern is an international NGO for disaster relief, working on humanitarian emergencies in Afghanistan. They also work for food security, gender equality through the AWARE program, and emergency response. Concern provided support to over 37,300 Afghans.
DRC is working on a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. The DRC first started doing humanitarian mine action work in Afghanistan in the 1990s. In 2011, the organization broadened the scope of its programming to include multi-sector aid packages.
AICS is an NGO based in Kabul. The civil society community in Afghanistan has been nurturing this idea for a number of years. AICS is working on the certification program, capacity building, education, philanthropy, policy engagement, and research.
Creative Associates International is an NGO for capacity building in Afghanistan. Their mission is to support people around the world in realizing the positive change they seek. They are also creating opportunities and empowering the youth of Afghanistan.
CHA is a charity organization in Afghanistan. It was founded in 1987 by a group of educated and experienced Afghan volunteers. They are working for education, disaster recovery, health and nutrition, agriculture, and community development in Afghanistan.
Hagar is an International charity organization in Afghanistan. They are working for emergency response in Afghanistan. Thousands of the most vulnerable people in Afghanistan have benefited from Hagar’s distribution of food parcels in Afghanistan.
It is a non-government organization in Afghanistan and one of the best NGOs in Kabul. By using a community-based development strategy, ASSHO Afghanistan empowers local communities in Kabul. They also provide food supplies and medical aid in Afghanistan.