NGOs and Charities working for Human Rights

Below is a list of NGOs, charities and non-profits working on protecting basic human rights. They provide advocacy, legal and other support services to those whose rights have been violated or abused. These ngos also work in co-ordination with governments on laws related to human rights.. Total Results = 185

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The most comprehensive children's humanitarian agency in the world is UNICEF. Every day, they labor in 190 countries and territories, including the world’s toughest places, to ensure the survival of children. to protect their childhood rights.
HRCP is a Lahore based NGO which is a leading organization of Pakistan for the protection and promotion of Human Rights. Collecting, digitising and categorising data on human rights issues. It has offices in Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta as well.
Their vision is to manage and support educational institutions that provide instruction, vocational training, polytechnic training, information, and research in order to support community welfare programs in Pakistan. It was established in 1981.
The Foundation's program is built around: infrastructure, governance, tolerance, and accountability. They are working on citizen coalition, infrastructure, human rights, corruption and accountability, disaster recovery and management in Pakistan.
Their vision is to assist in establishing new or strengthening current community-based organizations, in initiatives that support improved health, education, access to essential services, with the goal of increasing knowledge, capacity and productivity.