Free food distribution NGOs and Charities

Below is a list of NGOs, charities and non-profits working on providing free or subsidized ration cooked food items to low income families. These ngos also provide free food in times of natural calamities and many have open walk in free kitchens around cities to provide free of cost meals to anyone in need.. Total Results = 1813

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JDC is a relatively new NGO in Pakistan, however due to its exemplary services, it has quickly grown into a large organization. Its services include health centers, education, vocational training, disaster recovery, orphanages, free food distribution etc.
The Akshaya Patra Foundation is one of the largest non-profit organizations in India that aims to eliminate school hunger by implementing the Mid-Day Meal Program. They also work on digital education, scholarship programs, and school renovation programs.
Chhipa Welfare Association is a Karachi-based NGO. Its charity work includes ambulance service, free food distribution, morgue services, orphanages, and others. Chhipa Ambulance is one of the largest networks of ambulance services in Pakistan.
Saylani is known for poverty alleviation work. It is one of the largest ngos in Pakistan, with headquarters in Karachi, Sindh. Services include free food distribution, education, free health services, disaster recovery, and vocational training programs.
Annamrita Foundation is an NGO in Mahrashtra and other states in India, working against hunger. They collaborate with central and state government entities to blend excellence into their free food donation program. It is one of the best NGOs in India.
The Uday Foundation is one of the best NGOs in Delhi, working for food donations in India. Their goal is to provide nutritious and free meals to underprivileged families of hospital patients and children.