List of NGOs in Pakistan

Below is a list of NGOs working in Pakistan. Although there are several hundred thousand registered NGOs(non governmental organizations), Non profit organizations and charities in Pakistan, active ones are in a few thousands. Total Results = 1449

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Edhi Foundation is one of the oldest and largest Ngos in Pakistan. It started with an ambulance service and later expanded to offer numerous charity services, including shelter homes, orphanages, funeral services etc.
JDC is a relatively new NGO in Pakistan, however due to its exemplary services, it has quickly grown into a large organization. Its services include health centers, education, vocational training, disaster recovery, orphanages, free food distribution etc.
IRARA is a global name in supporting governments, NGOs and international organisations in all matters relating to migration.
WWF Pakistan is the country office for the international NGO 'The World Wide Fund for Nature' It is a Sweden international NGO that works for wilderness preservation and reducing of human impact on the environment.
United Nation's Development program is a body of the UN. They collaborate with local NGOs and the government of Pakistan to create and promote solutions to local problems and improve living standards. They promote UN SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals.
The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is the leading Education NGO of Pakistan. It is known for imparting quality education in its well equipped schools. This NGO was established in 1995 in Karachi.
Saylani is known for poverty alleviation work. It is one of the largest ngos in Pakistan, with headquarters in Karachi, Sindh. Services include free food distribution, education, free health services, disaster recovery, and vocational training programs.
Save the Children International (SCI) is one of the leading international NGOs working for children's rights and welfare. Its work is spread across 120 countries. In Pakistan, the NGO is based in Islamabad. It started operations in Pakistani in 1979.
Pakistan Red Crescent society is an Islamabad based NGO. Its primary work is disaster recovery and management. Others services include health care and poverty alleviation. It is one of the oldest charities in Pakistan, working since 1947.
HRCP is a Lahore based NGO which is a leading organization of Pakistan for the protection and promotion of Human Rights. Collecting, digitising and categorising data on human rights issues. It has offices in Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta as well.

Pakistan is a country of over 250 million people, a large chunk of which lives below the poverty line. Lack of social welfare systems by government has given rise to the need of NGOs, charities and Non profit organizations in Pakistan. Over the decades, Pakistan NGOs role has become critical in supporting the underprivileged segments of society. In this charities and NGOs directory, you will find the listings for the top local and international NGOs working in Pakistan.