NGOs and Charities working for Population Welfare

Below is a list of NGOs, charities and non-profits working on providing services for control of population growth and welfare. These include Family planning clinics, counselling, reproductive health services, provision of birth control kits etc.. Total Results = 12

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Marie Stopes Society is a Karachi-based population welfare NGO that provides comprehensive reproductive health services, population planning, and family planning services.
UNFPA Pakistan NGO is working for safe child birth, child marriage issue, women empowerment and maternal health.
Rahnuma's vision is everyone in Pakistan has the right to choose their sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and wellness in a world free from discrimination. Their mission is to lead a movement of SRHR and family planning (FP) as a basic human right.
Their objective is to carry out high-quality research, surveys, and assessments in the areas of Demography, Population & Development and Health. NIPS is one of the leading research institutes in Pakistan. It was established in 1986.
PAS is an independent policy advocacy group working to strengthen public awareness about human rights and political education.
Population Welfare Department Punjab offers a range of reproductive health services, mostly related to family planning, maternal and child health (MCH) care, including safe motherhood and pre and post-abortion care to avoid complications.
The aim of the organization is to balance population growth in Pakistan, with resources available in the area by making life better for everyone.