List of Charities, Non-profits and NGOs in United States

Below is a list of Non-profits, Charities and NGOs working in United States. You can browse all major, active United States NGOs and view details of their work focus. Total Results = 3323

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Susan G. Komen is a cancer NGO in Texas, United States. Their mission is to invest in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer.
Texas-based charity National Breast Cancer Foundation offers early detection, education, and support services to women who are dealing with breast cancer.
Lustgarten Foundation is a non-profit organization in New York, United States. Its primary goal is to support scientific and medical research pertaining to pancreatic cancer diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and cure.
The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is an NGO in New York, United States. BCRF is the largest private funder of breast cancer research and metastatic breast cancer research worldwide.
Florida-based Live Like Bella is a non-profit. It is a globally renowned pioneer in pediatric cancer research and advocacy, spreading awareness and offering financial and emotional assistance to families whose children are suffering from cancer.
A non-profit corporation based in Connecticut, the Cancer Couch Foundation is committed to funding innovative research projects that are carefully chosen in an effort to end metastatic breast cancer.
The National Children’s Cancer Society is a charity in Belleville, Illinois. It provides children with cancer, their families, and survivors educational, financial, and emotional support.
Women rock is a non-profit in Houston working on Breast cancer treatment and research. By raising awareness, promoting early detection of breast cancer, and offering hope and support to those suffering from breast cancer in Texas.
The Singletons is an Arizona based non-profit that works to support single-parent families facing cancer by offering them community, resources, hope, and strength. Among their services are radiation therapy, chemotherapy.