NGOs and Charities working for Special Education

Below is a list of NGOs, charities and non-profits working on education for persons with special needs and disabilities.. Total Results = 58

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Their mission is to provide the best possible facilities and services to special students. The Dewa Institute for Special and Inclusive Education provides vocational education as well. DEWA Institute is the leading institute for children with disabilities
Zunnorain Foundation is an NGO for kids suffering from delayed mental growth. Their mission is to build an inclusive & responsive society for disadvantaged people. They provide early childhood interventions and special education centre to the children.
Provide early intervention services for infants and young children at risk or identified as having special needs. Provide a residential facility for special kids, with a focus on with a focus on special children from low-income households.
The Effort is the perfect spot for kids who who require special attention. Young people with disabilities & their families are also paid a good monthly wage to make stuff for sale in stores. They're happy and proud to be part of the family's income.