Old clothes distribution NGOs and Charities

Below is a list of NGOs, charities and non-profits working on collecting old clothes from masses and providing it to those in need. These Ngos often have collection points and containers around cities, which are then sorted and distributed. They specially collect winter clothes and distribute to those in need during extreme weather.. Total Results = 27

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JOY is an NGO in Dehradun. It was started by the Youth of Dehradun. working for community development work, free food distribution, and environmental protection.
They work for poor girl marriage, tiffin service to senior citizens, blood donation camps, roti bank, ration to the poor, disaster management, beti bachao beti padhao, medicine bank, free medical facilities, and free computer education.
Jagorani is a charity organization in West Bengal. Its charity work includes food distribution, clothing distribution, and environmental protection. They also have an old-age home in Kolkata.