Blood Diseases NGOs and Charities

Below is a list of NGOs, charities and non-profits working on providing Free or subsidized health care services to those suffering from blood related ailments. These Ngos often maintain blood banks, run blood donation drives, run awareness campaigns about blood related diseases. Many such Ngos often run free dialysis centers.. Total Results = 89

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AlKhidmat Foundation is one of the leading non-profit organizations in Pakistan. It is involved in humanitarian services work since 1990. This Lahore based NGO has offices in multiple cities in Pakistan.
AMTF is one of the biggest thalassemia treatment NGOs in Pakistan. It provides free of cost advanced thalassemia care who are suffering from blood disorders. Their vision is to create mass awareness about childhood blood diseases. Established in 2003.
SIUT provides free of cost healthcare with dignity. Their mission is to guarantee the fundamental right to health care for all individuals and to provide free medical coverage without discrimination. SIUT is one of the largest NGOs for health in Pakistan.
PWA has been providing free medical care to the poor and needy patients under the care of Dr. Ruth K.M Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi without any cost.
Sundas Foundation is a Blood Transfusion Center. This is among the top institutes to offer genetic counselling and free Thalassaemic screening to the families. Their mission is to treat thalassemia, hemophilia and blood cancer patients free of cost.
TSP has inaugurated a free of cost thalassaemia treatment center at the pediatric department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Lahore. It provides free treatment to children, including blood transfusions and removal of iron. TSP focuses on blood diseases.
Pakistan Thalassaemia Welfare Society is the first of its kind in Pakistan, and it's dedicated to raising awareness about this unrecognized disease and giving suitable guidelines for its treatment and eradication.
TFP is supporting the different organizations across the country that are working for the treatment and prevention of Thalassaemia. Their objective is to support the associations in providing all the necessary support to the Thalassaemic community.