Blind - Visually Impaired NGOs and Charities

Below is a list of NGOs, charities and non-profits working on providing education and training for the visually impaired so they are able to earn livelihood. These ngos have specialized education programmes and schools teaching braille.. Total Results = 115

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Their vision is to manage and support educational institutions that provide instruction, vocational training, polytechnic training, information, and research in order to support community welfare programs in Pakistan. It was established in 1981.
LRBT is an trust for free eye care in Pakistan. LRBT runs free eye care hospitals all over Pakistan. Their vision is creating a better Pakistan by preventing the suffering caused by blindness and other eye ailments.
Sightsavers started working in Pakistan back in 1985 and opened a branch in the country in 1998. They specialize in eye care and helping people with disabilities get access to education and work. They also works to promote disability rights.
Sightsavers India is one of the best NGO for eye health in India. They prevent avoidable blindness, restore sight, and promote the rights of people with disabilities. Their efforts has enabled thousands of people to lead lives of independence and dignity.
Al-Shifa Trust is one of the best Free eye care hospitals in Pakistan. Their mission is prevention and control of blindness by providing standard and affordable eye care services for the people. This is a Rawalpindi based trust.
REDO was established in 1977. Their initial aim was to motivate people to donate eyes for patients with corneal visual impairments. Now serving the needy in the areas of free eye check up, dialysis, general medical care, and dental care in Pakistan.
It is a free eye care NGO in Pakistan serving the needs of visually impaired persons. It provides quality treatment under the supervision of experienced doctors. This is one of the best eye care treatment centers in Peshawar, KPK.