NGOs and Charities working for Women Welfare

Below is a list of NGOs, charities and non-profits working on promotion of women welfare. These ngos work on a range of areas such as providing affordable credit, training, education and arranging employment for marginalized and low income group women.. Total Results = 179

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Pink Ribbon is an NGO focused on raising awareness about preventing and treating breast cancer in Pakistan. It also provides advisory services and financial support.
The Malala Fund’s vision is to create a world where all girls can learn and thrive. The Malala Fund supports education campaigners and activists who are fighting against policies and systems that prevent girls from attending school in their villages.
SHADE is a Balochistan based NGO that works for rights of women in Pakistan, and provides them free legal assistance.
Shirkatgah is a Pakistani NGO that works for female rights in Pakistan. It promotes gender equality, builds feminist movements, women's movements, and work for empowerment of poverty stricken women.