Urban Development NGOs and Charities

Below is a list of NGOs, charities and non-profits working on development activities in cities and urban centers. These ngos through donor funding introduce projects for the uplift of cities like tree plantation drives, beach cleanup drives etc. Major role of these ngos is to highlight civic issues in media and other forums and advocate to governments in improving city infrastructure.. Total Results = 31

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Their primary goal is to draw attention to the public's problems through forums, research, and documentation. URC also arranges lectures on development-related issues for NGOs. This helps organizations to relate their work to larger issues.
NRSP is one of the largest rural development NGOs in Pakistan. Their mission is to alleviate poverty by enabling people to break the cycle of poverty. It was Established in 1991 and working in all over Pakistan.
Shehri Pakistan is the leading Urdu citizenship education platform. Thier mission is to empower vulnerable communities through legal and constitutional literacy. It is a Karachi based NGO.
MoDe India is an NGO in Ahmedabad, working for early childhood care & development, livelihood & poverty alleviation, social research, and capacity building. They also provide support for the development of children affected or infected by HIV.
MHT empowers grassroots women towards responsible urban development.