Free Health Care NGOs and Charities

Below is a list of NGOs, charities and non-profits working on providing free or subsidized health care and hospitalization services for the public. These Ngos run clinics as well as perform low cost surgeries for those who would otherwise be unable to afford it. They also run awareness campaigns for prevention of various diseases.. Total Results = 289

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Edhi Foundation is one of the oldest and largest Ngos in Pakistan. It started with an ambulance service and later expanded to offer numerous charity services, including shelter homes, orphanages, funeral services etc.
It is an international NGO in India working for health, education, livelihood, & disaster relief. Their mission is to save lives, enable social protection, and defeat poverty. CARE India is working in 21 states, 290+ districts, and 93 programmes.
Aga Khan Health Services is providing quality health care to 8 million people annually. It is one of the largest NGOs in Pakistan. They are working on healthcare, education, agriculture & food security, early childhood development etc.
Hands Pakistan is a leading non-profit organization working for poverty alleviation in Pakistan. Its focus areas include health, education, disaster recovery, and WASH. Hands is a Karachi-based NGO.
WHO- World Health Organization is a UN body focused on improving health across the globe. WHO country office Pakistan is in Islamabad and works with various NGOs and charities to promote public health.
AMTF is one of the biggest thalassemia treatment NGOs in Pakistan. It provides free of cost advanced thalassemia care who are suffering from blood disorders. Their vision is to create mass awareness about childhood blood diseases. Established in 2003.
The AKDN is an international network of NGOs and development agencies. It is an international NGO based in Islamabad. Its focus work areas include Micro Finance, Education, Health and Nutrition, Economic development and disaster response.
Indus Hospital is the one of the largest NGO in Karachi. It provides free healthcare in Pakistan. Their networks are hospitals, primary care program, blood transfusion services, pediatric oncology services, physical rehabilitation center, education.
MSF provides healthcare for women and children in the rural areas of Pakistan. MSF has been working in Pakistan since 1986 with communities affected from natural disasters.