Consumer Rights NGOs and Charities

Below is a list of NGOs, charities and non-profits working on consumer rights. These NGOs provide legal support for consumers who have been wronged by businesses. They also liaison with governments for improving laws related to consumer protection. These NGOs and NPOs also conduct programs and awareness videos to educate general public about their rights as consumers and also act as pressure groups on businesses to ensure they do not try to fleece consumers by violating their legal rights. Total Results = 95

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CRCP is a non-governmental organization. It works through local fund-raising and engaging volunteers. They are working for consumer rights in Pakistan.
DRF is a research based advocacy organization in Pakistan. Their work involves safeguarding women, minorities, and dissidents' rights to privacy and online freedom of expression. They have a special focus on digital rights.
TheNetwork For Consumer Protection is a policy advocacy organization. They are aiming to raise awareness, and protect rights of consumers in Pakistan. It was established in 1992.
The Consumers Association of Pakistan was established on September 13, 2003, with the goal of fostering a strong consumer culture in Pakistan.