Micro Finance and Micro Credit NGOs and Charities

Below is a list of NGOs, charities and non-profits working on providing affordable credit to poverty stricken population. These ngos provide soft loans and easy terms for various urgent needs of the people. Some also run micro credit banks.. Total Results = 65

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Akhuwat is an NGO in Lahore that is focused on poverty alleviation. Akhuwat Microfinance Bank provides interest-free loans and interest-free microfinance to the underprivileged. The Akhuwat Foundation also works on health and education services.
Karandaaz helps small businesses get the money they need by setting up a business-focused investment platform. Sponsored and managed by eminent Pakistanis who are experts in international investment management and digital finance.
Kashf Foundation provides microfinance on easy terms to those in need. especially to women from low-income households. It is based in Lahore, Punjab. They are focused on providing easy loans in Pakistan.
PPAF Fund is working for building resilience to disasters & climate change, ,interest free loan programme, development of hydropower and renewable project, programme for poverty reduction in pakistan.
After OPP's success with its five core programs—low-cost sanitation, housing, health, education, and loan for microenterprise—in 1988, it was upgraded to three autonomous institutions. OPP-RTI, OPP-OCT, and OPP-KHASDA
NRSP Micro Finance Bank has been providing microcredit since 1992. They also focus on physical infrastructure and technology development, social mobilization, human resource development, environmental and natural resource management, etc.
DEEP Foundation’s mission is to promote the development & economic empowerment of people.
JWS offers microcredit loans for poor and disadvantageous groups. They are also working on agri-development programs to strengthen the economic base of low-income farmers. JWS is one of the best microfinance and microcredit NGOs in Pakistan.