Labour Rights and Welfare NGOs and Charities

Below is a list of NGOs, charities and non-profits working on protecting Labor rights. They strive for providing fair wages, safe working environment, right to unionize and other facilities to laborers. In under developed countries, many NGOs are also working on ending bonded labor. Such organizations also liaison with governments and advise them on drafting labor laws.. Total Results = 35

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PILER is an NGO. Their mission is to promote a democratic and successful labour movement for the development of a just and fair society where people's fundamental rights are protected and safeguarded. PILER has always stood for labour rights in Pakistan.
Bunyad is working for education and women’s rights. Their mission is to educate women living in rural areas so that they can become literate and stand up for themselves. It also works for youth development, labour law, and child protection in Pakistan.
The Naz Foundation has been working on HIV/AIDS & sexual health issues in India. NF is providing prevention, treatment, & advocacy programs for underserved populations. They work to strengthen the care & support services provided to PLWHA.