List of Impact Investment Firms

Impact Investment Firms

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Invests only in climate tech startups.
Acumen is a nonprofit global venture fund that invests patient capital in businesses tackling poverty in regions such as Africa, South Asia, and Latin America. They focus on sectors like agriculture, energy, healthcare, and education.
Ākina Foundation supports social enterprises and impact-driven businesses through various programs, including funding and incubation.
Invests in technologies that address urgent and massive challenges in health, education and our environment. It was earlier called Mars Catalyst fund.
Aii is a Sydney-based impact investment firm focusing on investments in sectors such as renewable energy, affordable housing, and sustainable agriculture.
Better Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage technology startups creating scalable solutions for social and environmental problems. They focus on sectors like clean energy, education, and healthcare.
Blue Haven Initiative is a family office that invests in businesses and organizations seeking to deliver social and environmental impact alongside financial returns. They focus on areas such as sustainable agriculture, clean energy, and inclusive finance.