List of NGOs, Charities and Non-profits in Peshawar

Below is a directory/list of Ngos, charities and non-profits working in Peshawar. Total Results = 52

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Their mission is to provide medical and mental health support, clean water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in Pakistan. They work with local resources and engage local partners. Malteser International is an International NGO working in Pakistan.
They support communities in terms of education, health, environment & infrastructure, livelihoods, food security. They also help communities that have been affected by disasters.
The purpose of TransAction is to provide services and solutions to the Transgender community in Pakistan.
CARAVAN has a ton of work done, with over 90+ projects that have been completed in a variety of industries, like health, education, government, farming, irrigation, construction, and relief and rehabilitation.
SHED is a society for human & environmental development. They are providing humanitarian and development services through social mobilization, environmental initiatives and advocacy for sustainable development. They also works on rural women empowerment.

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BEST Pak's mission is to reduce poverty through the provision of primary education, employable skills training and the growth of micro / small enterprises that generate income and jobs sustainably.
It is a free eye care NGO in Pakistan serving the needs of visually impaired persons. It provides quality treatment under the supervision of experienced doctors. This is one of the best eye care treatment centers in Peshawar, KPK.

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