Community Development NGOs and Charities in Pakistan

Below is a directory/list of NGOs, non-profits and charities working on community development activities. These include projects for basic infrastructure improvement, civic awareness sessions and others. Total Results = 189

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Aga Khan Health Services is providing quality health care to 8 million people annually. It is one of the largest NGOs in Pakistan. They are working on healthcare, education, agriculture & food security, early childhood development etc.
Hands Pakistan is a leading non-profit organization working for poverty alleviation in Pakistan. Its focus areas include health, education, disaster recovery, and WASH. Hands is a Karachi-based NGO.
The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is the leading Education NGO of Pakistan. It is known for imparting quality education in its well equipped schools. This NGO was established in 1995 in Karachi.
The AKDN is an international network of NGOs and development agencies. It is an international NGO based in Islamabad. Its focus work areas include Micro Finance, Education, Health and Nutrition, Economic development and disaster response.
Their vision is to manage and support educational institutions that provide instruction, vocational training, polytechnic training, information, and research in order to support community welfare programs in Pakistan. It was established in 1981.

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PFF is an NGO in Karachi. It is working for progression of underprivileged communities in Pakistan. They are working on food security, water rights, emergency response, environment and climate change in Pakistan. It was established in 1998.
Their vision is to assist in establishing new or strengthening current community-based organizations, in initiatives that support improved health, education, access to essential services, with the goal of increasing knowledge, capacity and productivity.

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