NGOs and Charities working for Health in Pakistan

Below is a directory/list of NGOs, non-profits and charities working for providing free or subsidized healthcare facilities to those in need. Support services by these Ngos include Mental health, disability support, eye care, maternity health, patient welfare societies, population welfare etc.. Total Results = 438

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Edhi Foundation is one of the oldest and largest Ngos in Pakistan. It started with an ambulance service and later expanded to offer numerous charity services, including shelter homes, orphanages, funeral services etc.
JDC is a relatively new NGO in Pakistan, however due to its exemplary services, it has quickly grown into a large organization. Its services include health centers, education, vocational training, disaster recovery, orphanages, free food distribution etc.
Saylani is known for poverty alleviation work. It is one of the largest ngos in Pakistan, with headquarters in Karachi, Sindh. Services include free food distribution, education, free health services, disaster recovery, and vocational training programs.
Hands Pakistan is a leading non-profit organization working for poverty alleviation in Pakistan. Its focus areas include health, education, disaster recovery, and WASH. Hands is a Karachi-based NGO.
Chhipa Welfare Association is a Karachi-based NGO. Its charity work includes ambulance service, free food distribution, morgue services, orphanages, and others. Chhipa Ambulance is one of the largest networks of ambulance services in Pakistan.
Aga Khan Health Services is providing quality health care to 8 million people annually. It is one of the largest NGOs in Pakistan. They are working on healthcare, education, agriculture & food security, early childhood development etc.
AlKhidmat Foundation is one of the leading non-profit organizations in Pakistan. It is involved in humanitarian services work since 1990. This Lahore based NGO has offices in multiple cities in Pakistan.
WHO- World Health Organization is a UN body focused on improving health across the globe. WHO country office Pakistan is in Islamabad and works with various NGOs and charities to promote public health.
Marie Stopes Society is a Karachi-based population welfare NGO that provides comprehensive reproductive health services, population planning, and family planning services.
Edhi Ambulance is the oldest and one of the biggest ambulance service in the world. It is operated by the Edhi Foundation as a charity and non-profit service.