NGOs and Charities working for Health Care - Other services in Pakistan

Below is a directory/list of NGOs, non-profits and charities working on providing other Health Care services. Total Results = 98

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JDC is a relatively new NGO in Pakistan, however due to its exemplary services, it has quickly grown into a large organization. Its services include health centers, education, vocational training, disaster recovery, orphanages, free food distribution etc.
Saylani is known for poverty alleviation work. It is one of the largest ngos in Pakistan, with headquarters in Karachi, Sindh. Services include free food distribution, education, free health services, disaster recovery, and vocational training programs.
TKF's mission is to strengthen communities through provision of education, health care, better environmental & infrastructure and opportunities for livelihood while ensuring food security. It also addresses the needs of communities affected by disasters.
Sukh Initiative provides access to contraception for families by raising awareness, and giving them more options. Its services include healthcare for mothers and children, extended care paramedic ECP and ambulance services in Karachi. (Aman Ambulance).
Pink Ribbon is an NGO focused on raising awareness about preventing and treating breast cancer in Pakistan. It also provides advisory services and financial support.
SFLT is a charitable organization in Pakistan. Their mission is to provide health care, education, and social services in remote areas of Pakistan. Chairman of SAHARA For Life Trust is Abrar ul Haq.
MALC is working for leprosy elimination, TB and blindness control, mother and child healthcare in Pakistan. it is one of the largest NGOs in Pakistan, working in the field of leprosy control. it was established in 1956.
They support communities in terms of education, health, environment & infrastructure, livelihoods, food security. They also help communities that have been affected by disasters.
Tabba Heart Institute are committed to provide quality Cardiac care services to the people suffering from cardiac ailments. They are one of the best and most comprehensive cardiology services in Pakistan.