Specific Diseases NGOs and Charities in Pakistan

Below is a directory/list of NGOs, non-profits and charities working for for prevention and treatment of specific diseases. This includes diseases like cancer, blood diseases, Hiv Aids, Parkinsons etc.. Total Results = 56

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Shaukat Khanum cancer hospital is a charity dedicated to providing free cancer treatment in Pakistan. It has hospital and research centers. Founded by former Prime Minister and cricketer Mr. Imran Khan.
Pink Ribbon is an NGO focused on raising awareness about preventing and treating breast cancer in Pakistan. It also provides advisory services and financial support.
It is providing specialized, advanced pediatric cancer care around the clock to children. CCH has aided in the diagnosis and treatment of over 4600 children with cancer and blood diseases. Their mission is to provide the best cancer treatment in Pakistan.
If you're looking for a free cancer hospital in Pakistan with a hospice, then you've come to the right place! Their mission is to provide free cancer care services to people affected by cancer in the community. Bait-ul-Sukoon is located in Karachi.

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AAS is an AIDS Awareness Society. Their mission is improving the quality of life by bringing behavioral change among people through education and awareness of causes of hiv aids with special focus on health.
AIDS Prevention Association of Pakistan (APAP) is working on preventive health, HIV & AIDS and STIs awareness. It is based in Lahore.
Their mission is to make cancer treatment accessible to all with no discrimination. Its ‘business model’ guarantees that the cost per patient is at least 40% lower than the cost per patient at other similar cancer hospitals in Pakistan.
It is a healthcare NGO in Pakistan. Their mission is to serve the community by providing quality, affordable healthcare services in Pakistan. Husaini was formed with the aim to provide safe blood to our communities through their blood banks.
Their goal is to make a difference in the national healthcare system by educating the public on the significance of early screening and detection of various hematological disorders. We work for the early detection of leukemia (blood cancer) in children.

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