Free Mental Health Help n Treatment NGOs in Pakistan

Below is a directory/list of NGOs, non-profits and charities working on providing Free or Subsidized mental health care services to masses. These include therapy sessions, psychiatrist consultations, in-patient care, trauma therapy, helpline and mental health awareness programmes. Total Results = 32

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ICP is the most renowned institute of clinical psychology in Pakistan. Its well trained therapists offer highly subsidized and Free psychological counselling services and mental health services to the people in Karachi.
Umang is 24/7 mental health helpline in Pakistan. It first session is free. It has a team of qualified therapists and clinical psychologists. Working for mental illnesses and disorders.
The Pakistan Association for Mental Health is one of the oldest non-profits working for anxiety, depression, mental disorders, and mental health awareness NGOs in Pakistan. It runs a free mental health clinic and psychiatric clinic in Saddar, Karachi.
IBS offers consultation for patients with psychiatric illnesses, mental health issues, and substance use disorders under the supervision of well-known, qualified, and experienced professionals in psychiatry, psychology, and occupational therapy.
An NGO in Lahore that offers free and highly subsidized psychiatric clinics and other mental health support services like schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder in Lahore
PIMH is a government department in Lahore that offers free mental health services to patients. It offers in-patient and out-patient services including emergency care and addiction rehabilitation.
Karaw-e-Hayat is a not-for-profit welfare organization providing mental health care services since 1983. It offers psychiatric and rehabilitation services to the mentally disturbed members of society, especially the poor and marginalized.
They are supporting women and youth to earn a sustainable income in agricultural economies by helping them to build skills and establish agricultural enterprises. They are also promoting digital skills to access new online markets and IT-related jobs.
Umeed-e-Nau is the clinical wing of Institute of Professional Psychology. It runs as a non-profit and offers therapy services & mental counseling through its well qualified clinical psychologists. It is located inside Bahria University, Karachi Campus.
Taskeen is an Ngo working on increasing mental health awareness, psychiatry issues, providing free mental health clinics and advocating for mental health policies improvement in Pakistan.