Free HIV Aids Treatment NGOs in Pakistan

Below is a list of NGOs, clinics and government bodies that provide free of cost diagnosis, symptoms management and drugs for HIV Aids treatment in Pakistan. Many of these also run HIV testing and detection drives. Apart from HIV Aids, they are also usually focused on other STDs research, prevention, treatment and extending all other kinds of support to the patients.. Total Results = 12

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AIDS Prevention Association of Pakistan (APAP) is working on preventive health, HIV & AIDS and STIs awareness. It is based in Lahore.
AAS is an AIDS Awareness Society. Their mission is improving the quality of life by bringing behavioral change among people through education and awareness of causes of hiv aids with special focus on health.
RAAH Foundation is an NGO based in Gujranwala. It is working for AIDS free Pakistan. Thier mission is to reduce HIV aids and STDs (Sexual Transmitted Diseases).
New Light AIDS Control Society is an HIV AIDS NGO in Pakistan. It has been working in Lahore since 1999 for the Hiv Aids treatment in Pakistan. Their mission is to raise awareness of the problems faced by people living with HIV and Aids.
Their objectives are to prevent HIV transmission, provide safe blood transfusions, and reduce the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. They work for the treatment of HIV Aids in Pakistan. There are 70 treatment centers all over Pakistan.
Nai Zindagi provides right-based health and social services to individuals, affected families, and those who have aids symptoms. They provide HIV Aids treatment, care, and support to persons already living with HIV and AIDS.
Humraz Male Health Society, in collaboration with NACP, is providing HIV detection and HIV preventive services to people. They focus on STI and HIV treatment in Karachi for affected people. This is a Karachi-based NGO for HIV Aids.
DOST is a not-for-profit NGO established in July 1992. DOST is providing services to the vulnerable groups in society, including drug users, persons at-risk of or infected by HIV/AIDS, women and children in crisis, refugees victims of war and disasters.
APLHIV Pakistan is an HIV aid NGO that aims to create a society where persons affected by HIV, the associated populations, the people infected and affected by TB, and the key populations have equal rights and dignity, free from stigma and discrimination.

HIV Aids is on the rise on Pakistan. There are over 200,000 patients of HIV Aids in Pakistan. The disease is mostly common among drug users, sex workers, transgenders and homosexual individuals in Pakistan. Although there is no definitive cure for this disease yet, effective HIV Aids symptoms management strategies can help improve quality of life of the patients. HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus, while AIDS stands for Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. HIV is the virus that attacks the body’s immune system, while AIDS is an advanced stage of the disease.